Athletic Training Jurisprudence Examination

The Ohio AT Jurisprudence Exam is open book. You will need to download the Ohio Athletic Training Practice Act (Laws and Rules) before beginning this examination.

1. You will need to create a user profile to access the online Ohio AT Jurisprudence Exam. To create a user profile, click on the "New User" link in the upper right hand corner of the page accessed at the link below and complete the required information. The accuracy of this information will help ensure that the Board can match your exam results to your license application and/or your Ohio license.

2. On the Course Catalog page, select the box in the Enroll column next to the appropriate exam and click on the "Order now" button.

    Please select the "Ohio AT Jurisprudence Exam For Licensure Applicants" on the Course Catalog page if you are taking the exam as part of your licensure application.

    Please select the "Ohio AT Jurisprudence Exam for CE Credit" on the Course Catalog page if you are taking the exam for continuing education credit.

There is no additional fee to take the Jurisprudence Exam.

3. Once you complete the exam, you will see your score and will be prompted to send transcripts. The Board will automatically receive a copy of the transcript that you send to yourself. Make sure to: (1) check the box to add the course to your transcript; (2) enter your email address in the "E-mail Transcripts to:" box; (3) preview the transcript; and (4) send the transcript.

Please do not forget to request that the transcript be sent.

The Ohio AT Jurisprudence Exam can be accessed at


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