PT/PTA Applications

Application Instructions and Forms

Examination Application - This application is for individuals seeking approval to sit for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) or for those individuals who passed the NPTE under the approval of another state physical therapy regulatory entity but were never issued a license to practice physical therapy in the state that approved the individual to sit for the NPTE. Applicants are not eligible to apply for a license by exam if the applicant has or will receive a license in another state. If a state does not plan to issue a license to the applicant after successful passage of the NPTE, the applicant must furnish proof of that fact to the Board before the applicant will be considered for a License by Examination.
Endorsement Application - This application is for individuals who have passed the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) and who hold a current, valid license to practice physical therapy in another U.S. state or territory.
Reinstatement Application - This application is for individuals who previously held a license to practice as a physical therapy in Ohio at any time.

Individual Forms And Documents

      Ohio Jurisprudence Examination Candidate Handbook - All applicants for licensure (examination, endorsement, and reinstatement) are required to take the online Ohio Physical Therapy Jurisprudence Examination as part of the application process. Please review the candidate handbook for information on the content of the examination and how to register for the examination.

        BCI/FBI Criminal Records Check Instructions
          Changes to Licensure by Examination Application Process as a Result of Fixed Date Testing - updated September 18, 2013 to include 2014/15 dates
            Fixed Date Testing and BCI/FBI Criminal Records Check and Testing Accommodation Submission Deadlines - updated September 18, 2013
              Guidelines for Non-U.S. Educated Applicants for Physical Therapy Licensure
                Certification of Applicant for Online Applications
                  Certification of Entry-Level Education Form
                    Entry Level Education Pre-Completion Form
                      Military Request Application Addendum - this form applies to members of  the armed forces, veterans, and spouses of members/veterans
                        Verification of Licensure Form
                          Employment History Form
                            Testing Accommodations Request Form
                              Instructions for Retaking the NPTE
                                Requirements for Applicants with Felony Convictions
                                  NPTE Examination Preparation Courses
                                    Passport Photograph Guidelines
                                      Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

                                        Notification to Teach Physical Therapy Without an Ohio License - Per ORC 4755.482 & OAC 4755-23-13, this form must be completed to teach a physical therapy theory and procedures course as the faculty of record without an Ohio license for up to one year



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